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The Farmers Market is officially open, so what can you expect to find?  May is the season of transplants, and from flowers, to berries, to veggie starts we have a lot to offer.  Are you looking for something for tonight’s dinner?  Here are some sightings from opening day to give you an idea what you might find:





Remember we also have meat and egg vendors this year.  Clover Valley Farms is offering rabbit, and Roper Farms is offering chicken, beef, turkey and eggs.

Phentermine Free Overnight Fedex Delivery

Earth Day is an annual tradition at the Duluth Farmers Market, and like always, we are excited to for you join us as we celebrate.  This year we will have a kids activity table with coloring and a planting activity.  Terrence Smith with be here doing live music, and weather permitting, a maypole dance.

This year’s vendors include our members Talmadge Farms, Miel Duluth, Clover Valley Farms, Farmer Doug, On Eagles Wings Farm, Ginny Larva, Peggy Sobczak, and Tiny Farm Duluth.

Additionally, we will be joined by June Bug Bee Farm, WLSSD, Essentia Health, Burdock Studio, Eco Craft Store, The Nutty Minnesotan and Lake Superior Spice Company.

Festivities start at 10 AM and will continue until 3:00 PM.

Buy Phentermine 37.5

Hello Duluth,

Welcome to our new website.  We at the market are excited for this new platform to share our story, and hope you enjoy coming here to stay updated on our events and news.

You probably by now have noticed our new logo on Instagram and Facebook, and now this new web page.  In fact, it is not a new logo, but a reinvention of one we used years ago.  Take a look at the cute illustration below; this was shared during one of our meetings this spring and immediately got an enthusiastic response from our members.  I think it’s because it really communicates who we are.

From the depiction of our beloved building, to the abundance of vegetables and fruits, to the text, this old logo tells our story.  Why we haven’t been using it in recent years is unknown.  As we move forward trying to stay more connected in this digital landscape, however, it also feels appropriate to reach backward to our roots.  That is why we are once again using this logo: as we move forward and grow, we also want to always remember our history and honor those who have worked so hard to get this great market started–and keep it running.  Did you know we are celebrating 107 year?  Incredible!

Take a moment and read this old logo’s text.  Notice how it says Duluth’s Farmer’s Market: while we are no longer Duluth’s only farmers market, we hope you will make us yours.

Please join us as we both celebrate our past and grow into the future.  Here’s to a great year of delicious food and meeting your  farmers


Your Farmers Market