Become a Vendor

In order to become a member and sell at the Duluth Farmers Market you must:

  1. Farm, grow or wild harvest your product or the ingredients for your products.
  2. Live and grow in St. Louis, Lake or Carlton counties.
  3. Commit to selling on both market days (Wednesday and Saturday) throughout the growing season.

If you meet the above qualifications, please contact a board member and then submit an application and $25 application fee by January 31.

Deb Shubat, President


Why do you have membership qualifications?

Above all else, the Duluth Farmers Market is committed to supporting local farmers.  We limit the geography of our membership to ensure we are supporting and strengthening our local agricultural community.  Our limits also ensure that our customers are getting a truly local product.

Why doesn’t your market invite crafters and food artisans?

While we recognize the value of crafts, local baked goods and the like, our mission is to support local farmers.   Some of our farmers are creative or do preserving and baking with and alongside their farming.  We choose to allow our farmer members to sell a limited amount of these types of products rather than invite vendors whose products only fall into this category.

Do you ever make exceptions to your vendor qualifications?

Our Earth Day Celebration and Festival of Seasons are open to a wider range of vendors.  In rare circumstances we make exceptions for farmers market vendors whose products add diversity to the market and who meet at least two of our qualifications.  If you fall into this category, and would like us to consider you should space become available, please fill out this form.  We will contact you should it be a good fit and want you to proceed with a formal application; openings like this are rare and we are highly selective in how we fill them.