Small Wheel Farm

Rebecca Gramdorf runs Small Wheel Farm, located in Hermantown, Minnesota, with the help of her husband Peter Taylor.  Farming since 2017, they are developing their land little by little into vegetable beds, orchards, and wildlife habitat.  Currently, Rebecca farms a quarter acre of diversified vegetables, and specializes in those that are her favorites to eat: greens, tomatoes, beans, peas, kohlrabi and peppers (she grows a lot of other things too!).  She farms using small scale tools and following organic practices, and is in the process of transitioning the land to Certified Organic.

In the off season, Rebecca devotes herself to a life in the art studio (its what she went to school for, and she taught it before switching her career to farming).  Her pottery and other work is sold alongside her produce.

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We are looking for great employees as the farm grows.  Contact us for more information!