Miel Duluth, LLC – Walters Family

Mark and Sharilyn Walters are long time beekeepers based out of Duluth. Miel Duluth keeps bees in four places across town. They specialize in honey, and have since included beeswax based products like candles, dog-paw protection, and wood finish. They also offer soaps, lotions, and lip balm. Great grandpa Walters started the family tradition of beekeeping in the early 1900’s. Mark and Sharilyn started keeping bees in 1976 when they lived in St. Paul. Starting in honey, the Walters’ have developed more products due to frequent research and testing with their beeswax.

The Walters’ will be at the Farmer’s Market throughout the season. For more information on the Miel and a online catalog, please visit their website here .