Skalko’s Honey Bees

John and Christine Skalko own Skalko’s Honey Bee Farm, located by Jay Cooke State Park in Esko, Minnesota. Since 1986, John has been keeping bees and making honey. John is an avid environmentalist, and has a background in public education as an elementary principal and library media teacher. John has been on the farm since he was a kid, learning lessons from his mother (who gardened until she was 90!) like bailing hay, milking cows, and working large gardens.

Skalko’s honey bees are kept over winter in a warm house and fed the previous season’s remainder of honey before they can re-emerge in the spring, where they will produce honey throughout the spring to summer. In the fall, remaining beeswax from the hives are melted, strained, and molded into beeswax candles, which sell until they’re gone in the winter! The Skalkos also sell various vegetables throughout the season, including tomatoes and peppers.