Clover Valley Farms & Vinegary

Cindy Hale is a local orchardist, farmer, researcher, teacher and advocate for sustainable and local foods. Formerly with UMD,  she now farms full time and dedicates much of her time to public education workshops and consulting related to winter pruning, grafting, orchard management and integrated pest management (IPM) for backyard and beginning apple growers.

Clover Valley Farm is best known for their vinegar products, but they also produce rabbit, sell pigs and turkey, and raise sheep as well as their lambs!

Clover Valley will be at the market all season and offers different kinds of  vinegars, mustards, canned goods, shrubs, and garlic and herb salts.

View Clover Valley’s website Here, or visit their Facebook Page for more information. Also drop them a follow on Instagram 

Phone: 218.525.0094

6534 Homestead Rd, Duluth, MN 55804