Happy Hollow Creamery

Fred and Kelly Faye own Happy Hollow Creamery, located twelve miles west of Bayfield, Wisconsin, where they process and prepare their cheese for the Duluth Farmer’s Market. Happy Hollow produces multiple types of sheep and goat cheese. Their farm has been in the family since 1972, when it was originally purchased by the family. Fred’s father was an avid dairy farmer and teacher, and motivated Fred to pursue his life as a farmer. Fred and Kelly spent some time away from the farm, but returned to purchase it for their cheese operation. In 2009, the first sheep were purchased, and by 2011 they began making cheese. Fred works full time for Happy Hollow along with two part-time workers. The sheep and goats are milked April through September, and the cheese is processed.

Fred enjoys being a farmer because it gives him a chance to influence local cultural and economic diversity while practicing with the many benefits of small farm sustainability. When crops and animals are rotated to ensure healthy soil, it produces a level of biodiversity that runs through to the quality of the final product. Happy Hollow cheeses perfectly emanate these principles, and come from the best dairy ewes around. Sheep and goat cheese will be available all season at the market.