Barb’s Garden

**Pre-orders appreciated.  Contact Barb at or 218-525-3016.  A list of flower, herb, vegetable, and perennial transplants is available on the website.**

Barb Hollinday is an expert gardener specializing in spring bedding plants, perennials, vegetable plants, and herbs, working with over thirty types! Locally grown in Duluth Township, Barb operates on a farm passed down by her grandparents, first purchased in 1918. She was mentored along the way by her parents, who regularly went to the Market. Her dad was a beekeeper.

Barb starts her seeds in her basement at the end of January, where they begin growing and reach her greenhouse by March. The small plants are managed and are sold as early season transplants.


Barb has been farming all her life, and says the days are long and hard, but the work is “pleasant”. She is very grateful for her parents and the land they have shared for 100 years. Barb’s Garden is an impressive operation, and she hopes that through selling transplants, educating people about gardening, and keeping reasonable prices, she and the Farmer’s Market can inspire the next generation of growers in our communities.

Visit Barb’s Website , or reach her by phone at 218.525.3016